As a busy mom of two, I'm a huge fan of lists to keep me sane, so let's get TO IT!

•dog lover
•chicken, honeybee, and goat mama
•sings at almost any chance
•avid hiker
•wife of almost ten years
•people pleaser
•avocado toast's biggest fan
•herbal tea and green juice drinker
•loves the smell of fresh-cut grass and sun-kissed sand
•might ask if you're willing to jump in the lake in your wedding dress
•has an excellent repertoire of dad jokes to keep you laughing
•got made fun of for her minnesotan accent in basic training and then vowed to get rid of it
•your biggest cheerleader and supporter - in front of AND away from the camera

About YOU:

If you're here, you're maybe a little nervous about photos but you have a goofball side you're not afraid to let shine and you're always down to have a little fun. You understand that the phrase "picture perfect" is a silly thing because there's no such thing as perfect pictures and you're willing to buckle up and enjoy the journey.

About me:


Picked up my dad's old Canon point and shoot camera and immediately fell in love. Propped it up on a chair and captured this photo of me and my childhood BFF.


Saved up all my extra pennies from working on the local horse ranch/campground and bought my first (bright pink) camera.


Signed up for two high school photography courses and continued to steal my dad's camera to capture anything and everything I could find (like this church on our family trip to Mackinac Island).


Mainly stuck with selfies for a bit while exploring the "Wild West" of Rapid City.


Married my soul mate and picked up another camera to capture our honeymoon adventures.


Welcomed our son  into
our lives and gave my first attempt at some newborn photos with my trusty DSLR. No judging, ya'll okay? We all start somewhere. ;)

2016 - 2017

Purchased my first official "professional" DSLR  camera and took it across the world with me to capture Aruba, Italy, Rome, and Germany. All while falling further in love with pressing that shutter.


Practiced portrait photography and learning my camera every chance this little dude (and family/friends) would let me.


Started attending styled shoots, second shooting for other photographers, and soaking up anything and everything I could about portrait and wedding photography.

2018 - 2019

Booked my first few weddings and learned how much I loved not only capturing my clients, but serving them on their day.


Decided to take this gig
full-time rightttt about the time our world locked down and in the meantime invested countless time and money in new gear, courses, and education.


Tackling my third wedding season sporting some of the best gear available and always finding ways to best serve those who choose to trust me with their special moments. And making some epic memories along the way. 

the makings of a photographer:

A Serene Tennessee Wedding in Johnson City

Black Beach Engagement Session on the North Shore

Rustic Midsummer Wedding in Central Minnesota

Summer Engagement Photos at St. John’s Arboretum

recent work:

capturing the wildly in love

Serving Central Minnesota



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