Sada’s Airplane Photoshoot

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If you saw the title of this blog and thought, “Airplane photoshoot? That must by a typo” I don’t blame you. But it’s not a typo. This was a legit airplane photoshoot and it was flippin’ bonkers. World, meet Sada. Not only is Sada a beautiful soul, but she is also a real, bonafide airplane pilot as well!

Portrait sessions are always such a unique experience for me. It gives me the chance to truly see who someone is, what they’re passionate about, and what they want to convey to the world about themselves through imagery. It’s my chance to get a closer look into my client’s personalities, and it is always such a great experience for me.

We took full advantage of the gorgeous outdoor lighting with this one and went full on drama-mode! The red flowy dress, the glowy sunset, the plane! Is anyone else getting Top Gun vibes? We took some photos on the ground and we even went up into the air to snap some shots as well! That has never happened for me before during a photoshoot, I can tell you that much. Sada, you made it so easy to capture these stunning photos. You are beautiful inside and out, and that certainly shines through in these images. I can not express how much fun this experience was for me! I am truly amazed by your skill and just sitting next to you on the plane made me feel like a total bad a**!!!

Sada, I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them! Stay wonderful!

With gratitude,


P.S. Are you considering booking me for a portrait? If so, please click here to learn more about my packages and pricing! Whether it’s a simple headshot photoshoot or something crazy (like, oh I don’t know, an airplane photoshoot) I am all for it. Let’s do this thing!

The Airplane Photoshoot

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