Winter Engagement in the Avon Hills

The Winter Engagement Shoot

Ethan and Kayleah’s winter engagement may have been cold, but the love that the two share warmed my heart! Okay, that was cheesy, but honestly, it’s true. As a photographer, I always feel privileged to be able to capture the love and connection between two people. Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing Ethan and Kayleah’s engagement shoot. The session was held on Ethan’s family farm, which added a unique touch to the shoot.

Both Ethan and Kayleah are super reserved, quiet, and shy. I could tell that they were a bit nervous at first, but as the session went on, they began to relax and show their true personalities. It was a joy to see them come out of their shells and showcase their love for each other!

The weather on the day of the shoot was super cold and windy, which made things a bit difficult. But these two were troopers! Ethan drove us around the farm property in his old truck, which added a rustic charm to the photos. However, we almost got stuck in the snow at one point! Despite the cold, Kayleah toughed it out like a total champ. I gave her some hand warmers to keep her fingers from getting too cold, and she powered through the shoot with style!

One of the things that made this shoot particularly special was the fact that I grew up just down the road from Ethan and knew him fairly well as a teen. It was wonderful to reconnect with him and see him so happy and in love.

All in all, this winter engagement shoot was a wonderful experience. I am so excited to capture their special day on March 25th in St. Anna. I know it will be a beautiful celebration of their love, and I feel honored to be a part of it.

The Photos

Ethan and Kayleah, I pray you always look at each other as you did on this day. That your marriage is filled with joy, laughter, and endless love.

With Gratitude,

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