Heartwarming Winter Wedding in Avon

The Day

There’s something magical about a winter wedding, especially when the sun is shining bright and the snow is glistening. That’s exactly what Kayleah and Ethan experienced on their special day.

The mid-afternoon ceremony took place in the beautiful Avon Community Church, surrounded by their family and friends. Kayleah looked stunning in her first gown, with intricate lace details and a flowing train and I think everyone had tears in their eyes during the beautiful ceremony.

After the ceremony, Kayleah surprised everyone with a dress change. Her second gown was equally breathtaking, with a modern and glamorous design that perfectly matched the festive evening reception. The couple’s love for each other was palpable, as they danced and celebrated with their family and friends.

But what truly set this wedding apart was the couple’s connection to their community and their roots. Ethan’s family farm played a central role in the celebration, with the groom and his groomsmen driving their tractors to the reception in true Central MN style. The couple’s love for serving others was also evident, as Kayleah’s job as an assistant manager at the dining facility at Camp Ripley speaks to her heart for making sure soldiers are taken care of.

As their wedding photographer, I was honored to capture the essence of their special day, highlighting the love, joy, and warmth that radiated from the couple and their guests. From the intimate ceremony to the festive reception, every detail was captured in stunning photographs that will serve as cherished memories for years to come.

Winter weddings are often overlooked, but this couple’s wedding is proof that they can be just as beautiful and magical as any other season. Congratulations to Kayleah and Ethan on their special day!

Kayleah and Ethan,

Thank you for sharing and trusting me to capture your wedding day.
I wish you years of love and laughter as husband and wife.

Gracefully yours,

Photography: Rule Creative Co
Church: Avon Community Church + Jackie Leedahl
Gowns: Bridal Aisle Boutique
Menswear: Wedding & Tuxedo Connection
Bridesmaids’ Gowns: Baltic Born
Reception: Pelican Lake Ballroom
Hair: Crystal Kaun

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