Fall Maternity Session at St. John’s Arboretum

The Story: A playful and laughter-filled engagement session

I wanted to tell you about this sweet fall maternity session I recently had in the beautiful prairie with tall yellow flowers at St. John’s. Let me start by saying that Kate and Matt are not just clients, but they’ve become dear friends of mine. I’m so grateful for their friendship and the opportunity to capture these magical glowy sunset maternity photos for them.

You know, there’s something so timeless and captivating about photographing moms-to-be. It’s like capturing the essence of a new chapter in their lives, full of hope, excitement, and anticipation. And let me tell you, Kate was absolutely radiant during our session. The way the golden sunlight kissed her skin and set those tall yellow flowers ablaze was nothing short of breathtaking.

What I love most about this shoot is how candid and natural the moments turned out. We didn’t force any poses or over-stylize anything. Instead, it was all about capturing the pure joy and love between Kate and Matt. They were so at ease with each other, laughing and cuddling like they were in their own little world. It was evident how excited they were to welcome their little bundle of joy into their lives.

The setting of the prairie added an extra touch of magic to the photos. The open fields, the gentle breeze, and the warm hues of autumn created an enchanting backdrop that perfectly complemented Kate’s glow. It felt like we were in a fairytale as the sun began to set, casting its golden light across the landscape.

I feel incredibly lucky that photography not only allows me to freeze these beautiful moments in time but also gives me the opportunity to form deep connections with the amazing people I get to work with. Being a witness to such raw and genuine love is truly a gift, and it’s what fuels my passion for what I do.

Well, my friend, I hope you enjoyed hearing about this little adventure in photography. It’s moments like these that remind me why I love what I do so much. I can’t wait to share more stories and pictures with you soon. Until then, take care and keep spreading joy!

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