Senior Portraits in Rice, MN

Senior portraits – oh, how I love them! There’s just something so great and exciting about celebrating a young adult’s journey into the next stage of their life. As cheesy as it may sound, it really is a coming-of-age moment for a high school graduate. The primary school chapter of their life is coming to a close, and the next chapter (whatever that may be) is on the horizon.

Also, a bit off-topic, but why don’t we take college grad photos more often? It should totally be a thing, right? Hit me up if you want me to take your college grad photos!

Caleb was a true joy to work with. He was sweet, patient, and easygoing! I sound like a broken record saying this over and over again, but it really is incredible getting to know the next generation of leaders. Every time I have a senior portrait session, I’m blown away by the maturity and excitement for life these kids have! I think it’s so important to document this pivotal time in your life so you can look back and reflect on this milestone. As with engagement photos, newborn photos and so on, graduating high school is a time where it feels like everything changes – and honestly, it kind of does! To be able to look at beautiful images that capture that season in your life is so special (or, you know, maybe I’m biased).

Caleb, I wish you so much success as you finish high school and start your next chapter. I know you will do great!

With gratitude,


P.S. Are you considering booking me for senior portraits? If so, please click here to learn more about my packages and pricing! Let’s do this thing!

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