Farm Engagement Session in Albany

The Engagement Session

Okay, this farm engagement session was seriously out of this world. I can’t put into words how dreamy the vibes were! So if you find yourself daydreaming about packing it all up to move to a cute little farm with your lovebug, please be warned — these photos will only make your farm dreams more intense. Seriously. If you don’t want to swoon like crazy, you should stop reading right now.

Firstly, if there’s one (hyphenated) word that speaks this couple entirely, it’s farm-lovin’! These two embody that lifestyle so beautifully. So it makes total sense that these two wanted their engagement photos captured at the family farm.

Though it looked like it was going to rain on us for the first half of the shoot (hence standing in the doorway and holding an umbrella), we made some adjustments and still had a blast. The weather ended up working with us beautifully, and the photos turned out stunning!

To summarize, this gallery is full of cows, cornfields, soybeans, and a good old farm dog. If this doesn’t scream Central Minnesota farm life, I don’t know what does. Basically, to say I’m obsessed with the photos from this farm engagement session would be a major understatement. Without a doubt some of my favorites ever!

Enjoy your engagement photos, you two! I had such a great time capturing them for you!

The Photos

Jayme and Mitch, I pray you always look at each other like you did on this day. That your marriage is filled with joy, and laughter, and endless love.

With Gratitude,

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