Summer Elopement in Avon

The Story: A heartfelt backyard elopement

I recently had the most amazing time capturing Ashley and Michael’s intimate summer backyard elopement in Avon, and I couldn’t wait to share all the details with you! These two have been together for what feels like forever, so you can only imagine how special it was for them to finally make it official.

The whole affair was just perfect in its simplicity. With only a handful of family members present, the focus remained entirely on Ashley and Michael’s love for each other. There’s something so magical about elopements, you know? It’s this stripped-down, raw celebration that truly showcases the essence of a couple’s bond.

Ashley wore a timeless, flowing gown that seemed to catch the sunlight just right, enhancing her natural beauty. And Michael, well, he couldn’t take his eyes off her. You could feel their joy and excitement in the air.

To kick things off, they cut into a simple, yet elegant cake adorned with fresh flowers, and their smiles were infectious. You could tell that these two were fully present in the moment, soaking up every second of their special day.

The love and support radiated from every frame. But my favorite part was when Ashley and Michael stole away for a few moments of blissful solitude. We found a quiet spot in the backyard, with soft, dreamy lighting, and I captured some truly intimate and heartfelt shots of them together. It was as if time stood still for those precious minutes.

Their dynamic as a couple is simply indescribable. They’re playful, yet tender, and their love for each other is palpable. Photographing them was an absolute joy, and it reminded me once again why I adore capturing these special moments in people’s lives. It’s about freezing those genuine emotions – the joy, the love, and all the little moments in between – into timeless photographs that can be cherished forever.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about Ashley and Michael’s intimate backyard elopement as much as I enjoyed capturing it. It was a day filled with natural beauty, heartfelt emotions, and pure joy. Being able to document these moments is such a privilege, and I can’t wait to create more memories for couples like them.

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