Summer Wedding at Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

The Day

As a photographer, I have had the privilege of capturing countless love stories through my lens. Each wedding holds its own unique charm and special moments that cannot be replicated. However, there was something about Sharon and Patrick’s summer wedding day at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum that absolutely captured my heart.

The day started with the sun blazing in the sky, making the already scorching summer heat feel even more intense. But despite the sweltering weather, everyone was determined to be there to witness the union of these two souls, showcasing their unwavering love and commitment. The setting was the breathtaking gardens of The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

Sharon and Patrick got ready in rooms just outside the gardens, anticipation and excitement filling the air. I could hardly wait to see their faces when they laid eyes on each other for the first time. And when that magical moment arrived, it was everything I had hoped for – a mixture of awe, love, and pure joy.

With the picturesque beauty of the gardens as our backdrop, we embarked on capturing their love through timeless and candid portraits. The vibrant colors of the flowers perfectly complemented the radiant smiles on Sharon and Patrick’s faces.

The ceremony took place in the rose gardens, a dream-like setting surrounded by blossoms and the soft sound of piano music playing in the background. As they exchanged their vows, tears glistened in the eyes of their loved ones, touched by the intimate and heartfelt ceremony. (I even shed a tear behind my camera!)

And then came the unexpected surprise for the guests – a tribute to Sharon’s Korean heritage. After sealing their love with a kiss, Sharon and Patrick changed into traditional Korean outfits called hanbok. The soft colors and intricate designs of the hanbok beautifully represented her cultural heritage, adding another layer of depth to their special day.

We continued our portrait time at the Arboretum, capturing the natural essence and boundless joy radiating from this couple. Their love was unapologetically authentic, and every photograph reflected that.

As the day transitioned into evening, we made our way to the Lake Minnetonka port where Al and Alma’s dinner cruise awaited us. The atmosphere was filled with laughter, tears, and heartfelt speeches that resonated with everyone present. We shared an incredible meal, toasting to the newlyweds and their bright future. And as the sun began its descent, the sky painted a stunning backdrop of vibrant hues, providing the perfect ending to an already enchanting day.

The journey of a wedding photographer is remarkable. We have the privilege of capturing moments that become cherished memories for years to come. Sharon and Patrick’s wedding day was no exception. It was a celebration of love, traditions, and the start of a beautiful journey together. It was a day that I will forever hold dear in my heart, as it encapsulated the essence of what my photography stands for – capturing natural, timeless, and joyful moments that tell a love story beyond words.

Gracefully yours,

Photography: Rule Creative Co
Florals: Bumble Fleur
Cake: Thirsty Whale Bakery
Pianist: Jack Barrett
Hair/Makeup: Sandy Xiong Beauty
Catering: Al & Alma’s
Gown: Dany Tabet & Anna be Bridal

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