Summer Mini Sessions in Central Minnesota

I’m dreaming about summer mini sessions, and after reading this, I hope you will be, too! If you’ve never heard of a mini session, you’re in the right place to learn. 

Mini sessions are like the quick snack version of your typical photography session. They are perfect if you want just a handful of stunning shots without the whole shebang. Picture this: lower price point, less shoot time (hello, impatient kiddos!), and a lightning-fast turnaround. Plus, who can resist those seasonally themed setups? Seasonal minis can be such a fun way to remember the different seasons of the year if you do multiple throughout the year! 

On the bright side, minis are more accessible than ever. They are a budget-friendly option for those who just need a taste of professional photography. And let’s be real, less time behind the camera means less time wrangling those wiggly kiddos – win-win! 

There may be some drawbacks if you are used to a full photo session. With mini sessions, you sacrifice some of that personal touch. You won’t have an opportunity to choose the location. The schedule is pretty tight, so there’s no wiggle room if you’re late or the kids aren’t cooperating that day. That can add pressure to your session. 

Perhaps the biggest drawback for some folks is that you’ll end up with fewer snapshots in your final gallery. So, if you’re hoping for an overflowing treasure trove of images, you might want to reconsider. 

But hey, even with a few drawbacks, summer mini sessions are a great way to get a few updated pictures of your family or your kids. So, whether you opt for a mini session or a full photoshoot, the most important thing is to document those special moments. Go ahead, book your session, and capture memories to last a lifetime.

girl smiles while sitting on path through grass for summer mini sessions
toddler held by his mom as dad looks at them by Minnesota photographer
mom and dad look at son by Rule Creative Co
parents swing little boy between them during summer mini sessions
dad swings son upside down by Minnesota photographer
parents sit on blanket with children near lake by Rule Creative Co
boy in wheelchair holds a rock as little girl draws in dirt during summer mini sessions
teen walks with hand in pocket along path by Minnesota photographer
family crouches down together near lake by Rule Creative Co
siblings lean together in meadow during summer mini sessions
family gathers together in meadow as light hits grasses by Minnesota photographer
sisters grin at park by lake by Rule Creative Co
older brother hangs younger brother upside down at summer mini sessions
family walks shoulder to shoulder at park by Minnesota photographer
family holds hands as they walk together smiling by Rule Creative Co

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