Editing Workflow Secrets: Streamline Your Process and Boost Productivity

Fellow photographers, this one’s for you! Have you ever wondered what your colleagues are doing behind the scenes? Or how you could improve your editing workflow? Today, I’m sharing my secrets with you to help you streamline your process and boost productivity! 

woman leans on a man sitting on motorcycle during editing workflow
man kisses woman on motorcycle by Minnesota wedding photographer

01 | Backup photos to an external hard drive

This one feels self-explanatory, but when I’m responsible for someone’s memories or once-in-a-lifetime event, I am making sure that those images aren’t going to get lost or corrupted! 

woman sits on man's lap in water and leans in to kiss him by Rule Creative Co
man and woman run through water on the edge of a lake by photographer sharing editing workflow

02 | Cull photos with Photo Mechanic

If you’re like me, you have taken about a MILLION photos, especially if it’s for a big event like a wedding. I get too personally attached to some photos, which can make it hard to make decisions about which ones to use. I trust AI to cull for me so I don’t get bogged down. 

couple smiles as they wrap their arms around each other by Minnesota wedding photographer
man kisses woman's cheek as she laughs by Rule Creative Co

03 | Drag culled photos into Lightroom Classic

Now that things have been pared down, it’s time to get ready for some editing!

man and woman laugh and hold hands as they walk along shore by photographer sharing editing workflow
man carries woman on his back as they smile by Minnesota wedding photographer

04 | Open the catalog in Aftershoot

This is a HUGE time saver for me and has helped me boost my productivity. I open the catalog in Aftershoot and let it edit my images. This can take anywhere from 10 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on the size of the gallery. I LOVE this because I’m huge about having level horizons and Aftershoot helps to make everything straight! It’s worth it for that alone! If you’re interested in checking it out (and I HIGHLY recommend you do!), click here to use my referral link

couple sits together on grass with their two dogs by Rule Creative Co
woman sticks head out window of truck to push forehead against man who is staying outside

05 | Optimize edits in every photo

Now it’s time for me to go back through every photo to optimize edits to make sure they are consistent with my quality of work. AI is an excellent tool to help save me time, but it’s important to look through them all and make the necessary additional edits. I photoshop distractions as necessary, make consistent edits, and work the magic that only a real-life photographer can!  

06 | Export edits and upload to Pic-Time

It’s time to get these edited photos into the hands of clients, so I export the edits and upload them to Pic-Time. After that, it’s off to the client so they can enjoy their beautiful images! 

ring sits on fern leaf by photographer sharing editing workflow

I hope checking out my editing workflow has helped you and given you a peek at what others in the field are doing. Here’s to streamlining your process and boosting your productivity! 

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