First Look or No First Look?

Are you a Minnesota bride struggling to decide if you want a first look or not? Look no further! This can be a really difficult decision as you consider your wedding day. Let me use my years of experience as a Minnesota wedding photographer to help you make this important decision by weighing the pros and cons of a first look between you and your partner. 

The Enchantment of the First Look 

bride waits behind groom before first look

Private & Intimate Moment 

Weddings are often busy, and you are surrounded by lots of people. A first look lets you steal a quiet moment away from the hustle and bustle of the day. You have a chance to share your emotions and excitement with just each other to create a lasting memory. 

groom sees his bride for the first time by Minnesota wedding photographer

Capture Raw Emotions 

Seeing your partner on your wedding day for the first time is a really special moment and is often filled with so much emotion. Your photographer can capture those genuine, unbridled emotions during your first look, leaving you with stunning, heartfelt photos. 

woman taps man on shoulder before wedding by Rule Creative Co

Reduce Ceremony Jitters 

Getting married is a big deal, and you have spent so long planning this perfect event to celebrate your love. Your big day can come with a lot of stress and anxious energy. Having a quiet moment with your soon-to-be spouse can calm any pre-ceremony nerves and allow you to walk down the aisle feeling more relaxed and present. 

couple stands back to back before their first look

More Time for Photos 

Your day is going to be really busy. When you schedule a dedicated photoshoot before the ceremony, we can capture your first look and also get some portraits of you and your partner. This allows for creative photos with the bridal party and family later without time constraints. 

groom looks at bride before ceremony by Minnesota wedding photographer

The Magic of the Aisle Reveal

groom watches bride walk down aisle by Rule Creative Co

Traditional & Timeless 

Uphold a cherished wedding tradition. Imagine the doors opening, revealing a beautiful bride at the back of the church. The groom sees her for the first time as she walks down the aisle to him. 

bride appears at back of church instead of first look

Anticipation & Suspense

Build anticipation throughout the day leading up to the ceremony. This creates a moment of suspense for your partner and guests during the ceremony. The groom’s reaction at the altar can be a truly magical moment! 

groom looks down aisle waiting for bride by Minnesota wedding photographer

Surprise Element

The groom’s genuine reaction to seeing the bride for the first time can be a powerful and emotional highlight of the ceremony. Guests are included in this emotion along with the couple as the bride is revealed. 

bride walked down aisle by mom and dad by Rule Creative Co

Making the Decision 

Ultimately, this is a truly personal decision for you and your partner to make. You should consider your personalities, the overall wedding flow, and what truly resonates with you as a couple. 

Here are some questions you might ponder to help you make your decision: 

Do you (or your partner!) tend to get nervous in front of a large crowd? A first look can help alleviate some of those jitters. 

Do you prioritize capturing a wide variety of photos or a specific ceremony moment? First looks allow for more time with the photographer. 

How important is the element of surprise for you? If you crave that aisle reveal moment, then a traditional approach might be ideal. 

bride and groom stand back to back before first look

Remember that there is no right or wrong answer! The most important thing when considering a first look is to choose what feels most authentic and special for your unique love story! 

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