Oregon Coast Couples Session

The Story: An epic PNW Couples Session

Andrew and Kenzie, this super cute couple, booked with me to capture some shots for them on the same beach where they took their wedding photos. Can you believe that? Talk about a romantic and nostalgic location! (And how cute is their dog, Tofte?!)

Now here’s the crazy part – Kenzie and I actually knew each other briefly back in our childhood, but we haven’t seen each other in like forever. It was such a pleasant surprise when they contacted me for this special session. Sometimes life brings you funny moments like that, right?

These two lovebirds have this amazing love for the outdoors. I mean, seriously, they are so sweet together and their joy just radiates. It was an absolute blast to join them in their element and capture their love in such a natural and candid way.

The Oregon coastline has this timeless beauty that just takes your breath away. Trust me, I was in awe the whole time. We started at Cannon Beach, with its iconic Haystack Rock towering in all its glory. Then we moved on to Hug Point, a hidden gem along Highway 101. It’s called Hug Point because you can actually hug the point of the rock formations at low tide. How cool is that? The rugged cliffs, crashing waves, and stunning sea caves provided the most picturesque backdrop for their session.

Capturing these moments between Andrew and Kenzie was an absolute honor. I wanted to make sure their love and happiness were beautifully immortalized in every click. After all, that’s what I strive for as a photographer – creating timeless memories for amazing couples like these two.

I couldn’t have asked for a better day, better company, or a more joyful experience. Andrew and Kenzie’s love for each other, combined with the stunning scenery, made this session something out of a fairytale!

Just remember, love, joy, and nature always make for the perfect picture. Until next time!

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